Appraisal and Consultation

Buying a new piano:

Is the piano dealer charging more than a piano is worth?  Is the model out of production and uses non-standard parts, making future repairs difficult and expensive?  Is the piano being sold "AS IS," because it is irreparably broken?

Want to return a piano to it's previous brilliance:

Given your piano's condition is it worth investing in?  Is a new piano a better prospect?  Are there too many part to replace?  Which parts do you have replaced first?  How long will you be without your piano during refurbishing?

Selling your piano:

Selling a piano can be a mess.  Is your piano worth as much as it used to be?  Or, do you have a rare treasure worth asking a higher price?  Who do I sell the piano to?

Moving you piano:

The smallest acoustic pianos weigh 600 pounds and the average upright is over 750 pounds.  Lifting these instruments is difficult even with the correct equipment.  So, an AD online, phonebook or newspaper can be from a second rate piano mover.  Protect your piano and get professional bonded piano movers only keep your piano in peak condition through it's move.

In each instance professional appraisal is a necessary component to save you time and money.  Spend your time enjoying music and don't worry about the details.